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I Help People With Decades Of Depression, Anxiety And Panic To Learn To Overcome It In 90 Days Or Less! 

(Even If You've Invested Thousands Of Dollars And Hundreds Of Hours In Therapy, Inpatient, Medication, Acupuncture Or Meditation And You're Still Feeling Depressed, Anxiety Or Panic!)

Picture this: You wake up in the morning and take a deep breath. You feel refreshed and happy to be alive, and your mind feels clear and excited about the possibilities of the day. You lie there, taking in just how quiet your mind actually is, thrilled at the silence, the freedom, the control, the stability, the happiness and the bliss! The truth is you haven’t had those anxiety provoking and depressing thoughts in years. And even if one does arise every once in a while, you know exactly how to handle it confidently, quickly and effectively so that it never becomes a problem, a habit or a spiral. This is what’s possible with Ascension Over Depression Private 1 On 1 Coaching.


I am a 9 year depression survivor and I've been helping myself and others to overcome mental agony and panic for the last 16 years!

I am an Employee Mental Health Coach for many Major Social Media Companies, Restaurants, Banks and Supercenters that are global household names!

I help you get emotionally aligned in fractions of the time! Seen in Oprah, Goalcast, Calm, Cosmo, Parade Magazine, Yahoo News, Power of Positivity, Cox TV, Authority Magazine, and More!

What Others Are Saying!

Guru in the glass

A magical tale about dreaming big and growing into the largeness of your dreams!

Ravaged by depression nearly his entire life, Skyler Deavensby quits his job, writes a suicide note to his family and makes the final decision to leap from a historical bridge nearby. On his way to the bridge, however, he experiences a series of unlucky and mysterious encounters that bring him face to face with previously undiscovered powers within himself. This is a magical tale that has a way of opening the heart and inviting the highest expression of one’s self to emerge!

Every so often a story comes along that awakens the human imagination and elevates it’s readers to the crown of their infinite nature. Guru is one of those stories!

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